“What an amazing night in Duluth! Over 1200 people turned out to hear Chris Crowley talk about the Revolution in Aging. A superb talk – deeply informative and motivational but still funny and fun.
….The buzz went on for days…. There is no substitute for hearing Chris live on this critically important topic. Took some organizing but it was so worth it for the city, and for all of us.”

Pat Francisco and Jim Taylor,
creators of the event.


Bruce Turkel ,
Professional Speaker and CEO/ECD of Turkel Brands, Miami Florida

“Recently, I was thrilled to host Chris Crowley as guest speaker at the Mayor’s Inspire Burlington Speaker Series. Inspire is exactly what Chris did, with great humor and wit.”
Rick Goldring,
Mayor of Burlington, Voted 2nd Most Livable City in Canada

“I have brought many speakers and performers to Tucson, but even I was mesmerized! Chris packed the room, beyond its stated capacity. He was amazing… you could have heard a pin drop, with the exception of many burst of laughter.”
Jannie Cox,
Rock The Ages

“Chris spoke to our manufacturing leadership team last Saturday morning. Wow! What a hit! Everyone is talking about it and they want to know when can he come back! I strongly recommend Chris to anyone, who is interested in improving their health or influencing others too improve.”
Dave Clark,
VP of Operations, Bath Iron Works (Builder of major, surface ships for the U.S. Navy)

“What a pleasure!…All the audience responses rated you ‘excellent’. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.”
“From the moment you began until the very end, you had the audience’s undivided attention . You were ENTERTAINING, INFORMATIVE ANED DEFINITELY THOUGHT PROVOKING. You are spreading AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE THAT IS CHANGING LIVES EVERYWHERE. How rewarding that must feel for you. Congratulations and keep up the good work.”
Teresa Trembreull,
President. The Business Bank, Minneapolis Minnesota 

“If you can arrange to hear Chris in person, do it. Whatever it takes. He is a dynamic speaker, lives his message and is very convincing…. Awesome!
Deb Pultorak,Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company. Grinnell, Iowa


Since the publication of Younger This Year, Younger Next Year for Women and Thinner This Year,  Chris Crowley has been in enormous demand as a keynote speaker, appearing before a wide range of groups,  from corporate executives (including many YPO and WPO groups), to medical and wellness professionals to (his greatest thrill) the top command group of the U.S. Marine Corp.   Contact Chris for more information.

Chris’s motivational talks convey the essence of his books, with all the passion, optimism, eloquence and humor that have made them national best sellers.


For top and middle level executive retreats… a talk outlining the basic tenets of the Revolution In Behavior and Aging but stressing that institutions have a huge stake in spreading the word, especially at senior levels.

“This may be a bit of a surprise.” Chris says, “but ‘True North’ for great Corporations may be a high level of employee fitness and great health, especially at the executive level. People who “get it” are radically more energetic, more optimistic, more effective. Just plain better. Corporate leaders need to know about this stuff… for themselves and for their companies.” Customized ‘webinars’ and supporting materials for large employee groups are a possibility.

YPO/WPO Groups.
“These have been a mainstay and my particular favorites,” Chris says. “The audiences are smart, tough and passionately interested in a vigorous, effective life. They like to laugh, too, thank God, and they are great missionaries, once they’re convinced. Love ‘em. Amazing hosts, too. Some of my best trips… let alone speaking trips… have been to YPO/WPO events.”

Financial and Professional Groups.
Another mainstay of Chris’s speaking life is talks sponsored by leading financial advisors for theirclients…mostly high-net-worth individuals. Close behind come medical groups (from the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin to several hundred nurse-anesthetists in California), and lawyers (“peculiarly ‘my people’”, Chris says, “and they really need it, poor devils.”)

Women’s Groups.
Women’s groups are rarer sponsors but, Chris says, they seem to get a particular boot out of the talks, “Maybe because they live forever – compared to men – and need this so that all those extra years won’t be a drag.”

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