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  • Columbus, OH Talk (0) December 28, 2018

    It was great to meet you and hear your talk about your book and staying fit and healthy. Debby and I met you alongside Matt.  I’m an ophthalmologist in Columbus, and am often asked by patients how I seem to never age.  I always tell them to “buy the book”!  Yours, of course.  I got it as a gift from my brother 10 years ago, and found it to be the best of its kind, and still reference it in my practice.

    Thanks for coming, for giving such an energetic talk, and for being an inspiration.

    Best regards,

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  • Excellent Atrial Fibrillation article! (0) November 24, 2018

    Ola from Arizona, Chris!

    Your email newsletter on AFib went a long way towards helping me understand what the heck it is and how it’s treated.  I know several (very healthy otherwise) friends diagnosed with AFib – one whose been resuscitated a couple of times, which sounds pretty frightening.  Bottom line, your description of AFib causes, symptoms, and treatment answered my questions as well as reminded me that I’ve never had an EKG or other heart diagnostic exam.  At the tender age of 65, I’m probably wise to get checked out.

    I want to tell you about another wide-spread but little recognized health issue that typically affects older folks which is Chronis Venous Insufficiency (CVI) – also known as Venous Reflux Disease. Here’s a link to a description of the condition:

    What Is Chronic Venous Insufficiency? .

    I was diagnosed with CVI when I sought treatment for unsightly spider veins in my legs.  I assumed that I needed sclerotherapy treatment to solve the spider vein problem, however when an ultrasound was done on both legs, I was told that I had CVI and that was probably what was causing the spider veins and varicosities in my legs.  This was totally new to me – that what I previously understood was simply a cosmetic issue of unsightly spider veins and varicose veins was actually symptomatic of CVI.  I did some research and discovered that CVI affects approximately 40% of the population: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/16872-chronic-venous-insufficiency-cvi AND that very few people seek treatment for it.  It’s a primary cause of DVT, Phlebitis and several other serious vascular issues but people don’t typically seek treatment until their symptoms are severe.

    The good (and unexpected) news is that my health insurance covers the treatment with endovenous thermal ablation which has excellent results.  I’m scheduled for treatment in the next month and can report back to you if you are interested.

    I wanted to see if you’re interested in writing a newsletter discussing the symptoms and treatment of CVI because it’s a disease that most dramatically affects older people, is little understood, and for which few people seek treatment.

    As I said, I’m happy to follow up with you as I complete my treatments. In the meantime, perhaps you’ll let me know if you’re interested in sending a YNY newsletter regarding CVI.

    Thank you for your never-ending commitment to supporting us “older-but-younger-than-our-years” folks with your beautifully crafted newsletters.

    Warmest Regards,


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  • Serious Neck Stenosis – fixed! (1) August 3, 2018

    On the Younger Next Year Back Book: “I have had serious neck stenosis issues for years and to put it simply: Jeremy has fixed me. A combination of neck and back strengthening exercises, patiently rolled out over time, has made the difference. He is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, easy to work with, and a great guy – [an] unbeatable combination!” – Bob Hurst, NY, former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs

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  • Back Protocol: Successful Last Resort (0) August 3, 2018

    On the Younger Next Year Back Book: “Kay has experienced intermittent onsets of severe low back pain due to a hard fall on the buttocks in 2000, resulting in a sacroiliac (SI) joint sprain. Due to the laxity of the ligaments from the fall, Kay had a chronically unstable SI joint. Various treatments such as chiropractic, massage, cupping and acupuncture offered her short-term relief during painful flare ups but permanent relief was never found. Kay was referred to [Jeremy] in 2014 as a last resort. Like most of his clients, she was jaded and her expectations were low.” – Kay

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  • Health is worth more than learning (0) July 5, 2018

    Hey Chris,

    I just finished reading YOUNGER NEXT YEAR last night. Really good, and I would love to read Harry’s book about squids, moose, snails, sea slugs, etc, if he ever writes it. I’m 66. My aerobics comes from 3x weekly swimming in the mostly empty Gold’s Gym pool, and bicycling. My sport for fun fencing. When I was a NYC high school teacher I started and coached fencing teams in my school, which kept me fencing almost every day. I haven’t found a way to do that again, yet. I need to do better on not eating crap and strength training. Anyway, this Jefferson quote passed by on my FB feed, and it seemed entirely apt:

    “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Thanks for a great and valuable book!

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  • Results are so far, so good. (0) July 5, 2018

    I have been following your book’s Younger Next Year outline for the past 3 -4 months and have lost 20 lbs., and improved my overall fitness and have added 20+ yards to my golf drives! Irons are all 10% longer as well. Weight goal is to be 190, so 14 lbs to go.  I have always been an athlete and in decent shape, but I have really been motivated by your book.  I am 71 years young and plan to be younger next year.  X country skiing will be starting soon, can’t wait.  Hike weekends now, just put the kayak away for the season, ordered my rowing boat, a Whitehall 14 solo.  Can’t wit till delivery next spring. I still work full time and have no interest in retirement. Still working with someone to partner with us to get you up here for a presentation.  I have given away 10 copies of your book, and will continue to give them to my clients and friends.

    Working on not eating “crap” and keeping it to 2 drinks, but I admit to not being “there” yet.  May not ever be, but the results are the results and so far, so good.

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  • Thankful for your advice. (0) July 5, 2018
    Just completed some minor surgery, which could have been major surgery and actually life threatening, had I not heeded your advise in your first YNY. You wrote about the episode with loosing part of your nose to the pretty, little dermatologist and followed that with a serious warning to have our skin (head to toe) checked out regularly to keep some nasty skin cancer surprises from sneaking up on us. Well, your warning, coupled with my wife’s recent discovery of two such skin growths caused me to get to our dermatologist for a check and guess what?  That little growth on my shoulder (which I couldn’t see without a mirror) was melanoma!  Luckily, because of having gone when I did, it was successfully removed on Monday and all is well. Thank you again for the little prod! It most likely saved my life. As you know, melanoma is a real killer unless one catches it in time. You may want to consider another short warning to your reading public when you publish your next Fortnightly.
    Also pleased to report that I had a great 5K, road race last Saturday and actually improved my time by 17 seconds over my effort in March. Life is good and keeps getting better!
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  • I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your books. (0) July 5, 2018

    “Younger” was recommended to me by a friend a little over 4 years ago and it was life changing — more than 40 pounds gone, and more balance and purpose in my life — including a blog in which I discuss the need for purpose, community, health and wealth if you want a kickass life after 50 (over50roadmap.com).  I have no doubt your book was a spark that got me started making some much needed changes and I am so grateful you made the effort to write it.  Now I hope to pay it forward through my blog and through coaching.  Again…thank you. (and a side note, it also got me back into rowing after many decades…and dragged hubby with me…so awesome!!)”

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  • Notes like this keep us going. Oh, boy! (0) July 5, 2018

    “I read all three YNY books six months ago. I have followed the nutrition and exercise advice ever since. I was not in bad shape when I started, but did need to lose some weight. I’ve lost 18 lbs. My BMI is 22 and body fat is 19%. The Preparation for Movement and 25 sacred exercises have enabled me to be stronger and have more muscle definition. I have a lot less shoulder and hip aches and pain than I had before. Thanks so much!”

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  • Turning 60 was tough. Your book helped me. (0) October 16, 2017

    Chris, My son 23, bought me your book when I turned 60 this year, I was struggling because I had acquired a new super power: invisibility.  He told me I wasn’t aging, I was decaying-that scared the hell out of me. Worked in Medical Sales all my life, you’d think I’d take my health more seriously, but two decades of spreadsheets, corporate meetings, and client attention found me 100lbs overweight. Now I do aerobics 1 hour 6 days a week, and lift(with my boy) 6 days a week too.
    Thanks for the motivation. Your book was funny, inspiring, and down right informative-it’s my second bible.

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  1. Stephan2109

    Hi Chris,

    I am sorry about Harry!
    I am a retired 63 Year old School Teacher, Research Radiographic Technician, Businessman, Ecologist. I have been super active my whole life (Track, Ultra running, Bike road racing , Bike Packing, Triathalons, Masters Swimming, Volleyball…. I read your book, 1st time 3 years ago and took it up! My work outs have beeen focussed on whole body fitness (aerobics, weights, agiliy exercises…).

    2 weeks ago I had a heart attack! Right Coronary Artery 100% occluded. 3 stents put in and a blood clot removed.

    My life style had been perfect i.e. BP, Cholesterol, weight, family history, diet, exercise…(except age:)

    Thanks to Younger next Year my MI was minor. I had built up an enormous collateral blood supply that kept the muscle alive. My doctors are amazed and say I will make a complete recovery.

    Thanks Chris and Harry

  2. kmooreiii

    Chris – In my May 2013 comment, I mentioned that kedges were working for me. Just thought I’d send you an update as I have continued to make progress. In 2015 I ran 3 x Ironman 70.3 races and achieved All World Athlete status for my age group (still 50-54). This year I set a kedge to run my first full Ir0nman (3.8k swim, 180k bike, 42.2k run). Last weekend I achieved my goal by finishing the Ironman Western Australia. Along the way I am now down over 65lbs and the journey has been nothing but fun. That said, I think 2017 is going to be a ‘rest year’ for me.

  3. brenda1959

    Just finished “Thinner This Year” and have ordered the exercise book! I am 65 and have been blessed with excellent health. I have been an avid exerciser and have stepped things up for the last year because I am convinced that exercise is the key to staying young. However, I didn’t know a lot about the science behind exercise or techniques to do it correctly. I have been looking high and low for some sort of guidance. I knew I wanted a guide directed towards someone of my age. I ran across “Thinner This Year”! Yesterday I worked through the warm up before I went to the gym. Wow! I can really feel some muscles that haven’t been worked for awhile! Today I am going to try some of the strength training after the warm up. Also, I just ordered a heart monitor. I have to admit I am a bit intimidated, but am determined to do this! I am inspired by all of the success stories and hope to be writing about my own very soon! Thank you!!!

  4. Chris and Jen- Reading your two books has changed my life incredibly!!!
    I am 64 and retired at 63 for the third time. I have always been a Yo-Yo dieter in the textbook sense. One diet that worked for a short time was the Grapefruit Diet. I shed seventy five lbs over a year only to gain back eighty percent of it in the next year. Why you ask? Because as you two both know…….dieting does not work. It takes a “lifestyle” change to make a difference. Old Habits die HARD!! A good friend of mine told me upon retirement, to make exercise and good health my next Career!
    I said to myself, Hmmmm that sounds like a good idea! I bought a bike and started riding almost daily for a year. Lost a little here and there, but overall could not maintain any sustained loss. Then I went on a short ten day cruise and gained fifteen pounds drinking “Cruise Specials” morning, noon and night. Hello New Years 2015 and I am back to 218lbs. Back on the bike and by February 27th I had lost a whopping 3lbs! Totally dejected….I am sitting in my “Cancer” doctor’s office for my six month follow-up ( 6 years free and clear ). He said I was looking good and I said I was frustrated. He asked me why. I gave him my exercise routine and food consumption routine. He smiled and simply said ” Good exercise but eating all the wrong Junk”. He suggested substituting Smoothies for one meal and making meat my side dish and veggies and fruit my main course. This man who is truly invested in my health, ( he spent 81/2 hours of his life making sure he got rid of all of my cancer) seemed to say the Magic words!! I went out that day and bought a Nutri-Ninja and upon my friends recommendation, your two books. Younger Next Year and Thinner This Year. I read your two books Non Stop Saturday and Sunday. On March 2nd I start my own Kedge. No more crap food!! I ride for two hours and I am dying!!! Then I remembered what you said in the first book. “If you are going to ride, you need to buy a Heart Rate Monitor”. That night I buy my monitor. The next day I am riding and loving the pace. I am doing the Ninja daily and eating good nutrition daily and riding daily for TWO WEEKS. It is time to jump on the dreaded scale. Holy Cow I have lost 15lbs!! Two more weeks and my yearly check up is due. I go to my Primary care Physician and he sees a good change in me. He has been preaching to me for 11 years that I am obese and that I am “lying” to myself if I say “I am NOT!”
    So now I ask him if he thinks I am doing this “lifestyle change” correctly and safely. He gives me the go ahead to continue doing what You and Jen are telling me to do.
    Yesterday on May 29th I go back to my Primary care doc, three months into my Kedge and three months short of when I felt I could reach my goal weight and BMI and IBW. I am 5’11” tall and weight 170lbs. He has taken me off of my Acid Reflux meds and my cholesterol meds and has
    changeD my blood pressure meds from a combination med to a single beta blocker!
    Of course I have him tracking my health every six months and making sure I stay the course so to speak. He will take me off of the blood pressure med if my blood work and other exams come back good in December.
    The best news that I can give you is the following. I no longer crave the BBQ and Deserts and Corn in a Bag (Cheetos). I drive right past the Ice Cream Stores and the Chocolate Shoppes without any sadness. You two are so CORRECT in your philosophy. The body does not ask for much, just feed it the proper nutrition and give it some vigorous activity and it will reward you with GREAT Health!! I now bike Six Days a Week and ride 20 to 42 miles each day. I feel better than I have in decades!!!
    By the way and not to minimize its importance. My wife is doing the same lifestyle that I am living and she even rides with me on Sat and Sundays. We have regained a closeness that is so important in a marriage and in life. She is 13 years younger than me and now she can see that I will not be departing prematurely due to Obesity and bad health! She LOVES my Stir Fry dinners!
    Come this September. my Cancer Doctor is going to FLIP when he sees the dramatic change that his advise has made in me!
    YOU TWO ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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