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Success Stories

  • Turning 60 was tough. Your book helped me. (0) October 16, 2017

    Chris, My son 23, bought me your book when I turned 60 this year, I was struggling because I had acquired a new super power: invisibility.  He told me I wasn’t aging, I was decaying-that scared the hell out of me. Worked in Medical Sales all my life, you’d think I’d take my health more seriously, but two decades of spreadsheets, corporate meetings, and client attention found me 100lbs overweight. Now I do aerobics 1 hour 6 days a week, and lift(with my boy) 6 days a week too.
    Thanks for the motivation. Your book was funny, inspiring, and down right informative-it’s my second bible.

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  • Letter from a YNY Fan on Aging and Alcohol (0) August 12, 2017

    “Hi Chris,

    It’s hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since we hiked up that mountain near Aspen and went through all the fun and inspired learning about how to make the third stage of life so good. I still follow your blogs and get out there and exercise more than ever, no matter what, just because you made it all so obviously the right thing to do at the YNY retreat.

    I turned 70 years old a couple of months ago which was a bit of a shock for me (still struggling a bit against the “70 is old” myth). Despite that, I’m still working full-time. There’s no doubt in my mind that exercise does great things for reflexes and balance as well as stamina and strength.

    Now I’ve forgotten where I was going with this. Oh yes, one big question that I would greatly like to hear you address is the scientific evidence about booze and its alleged negative effects. When we have been out there challenging ourselves to the max all day, there is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than a scotch or two and a glass of wine. We keep hearing that alcohol is a toxin etc. but the scientific evidence seems soft. Maybe I’m kidding myself. What do you say?”

    Read Chris’ take on alcohol in his recent Fortnightly, ‘Booze, Boats and Bill Fabrocini.’

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  • YNY Changing Lives (0) August 12, 2017

    Hello Chris. Your book changed my life. It changed my dad’s life. And now it’s changing my friends’ lives, along with my family doctor, a friend’s spinal surgeon, clients of mine, and many others. Just today, I bought another five copies to give to people I care about.

    – Peter

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  • Great Success Story (0) August 12, 2017

    Chris:  I have been following you since the first edition of YNY.  You have literally changed my life and I thank you for that.  Your inspirational words have me exercising at least five times a week and I have given a copy of your book to at least a dozen friends.  I also lost over 80 # over a year.  One of my favorite cardio activities now is fluid running – a pool based workout- great for people with hip and knee injuries.

    I wept along with you when Henry passed away; I cut back on my beloved Manhattans when you quit; and now I am stunned to read about the accident. Your survival is truly a miracle, but likely a miracle that happened because you are not done yet with your work making us stronger and healthier, and of course, younger next year.

    I look forward to your back book and know several who will benefit from it.  I hope someday to be able to attend one of your retreats.  Thank you for everything!

    – YNY Fan in Oak Park, IL

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  • GENDER CONFUSION (2) October 31, 2016

    There’s not a lot of gender confusion in our household – which makes us feel old – but there is some. I do not refer to the fact that I do most of the shopping, cooking and cleaning up; that’s neither here nor there. I do refer to the fact that Hilary does all the plumbing.

    Dunno how it came to pass but – when suddenly there’s no water pressure or the whole house is cold – it is Hilary who hoists up her pants, grabs the big, three cell flashlight and heads down into the old, stone cellar. Once a fort-night, she “flushes the boiler” which is a daunting matter of draining hot, brown water out of one place until the level of hot brown water in another looks right to her. Then she hits a red button with scary signs on it, there’s a little explosion, a roar and Dante-an flames become visible through a little mica window and she is satisfied.img_1224

    The house was built in 1859 but the heater is new and cost approximately three million dollars. The notion that one can install a new, three million dollar furnace and still have to “flush the boiler” manually twice a month and look through a mica (sic) window is a surprise to me, but not to her. “We have steam heat,” she says to me patiently. “Unless we take every single pipe out of the walls, and rip out the cast-iron radiators” – which were patented in the second Grant administration – “we have to do it like this.” Oh.

    I do ask why the able staff – a clever Filipina woman who comes by, for half an hour, once a week to dust and pick up a check for $800 – can’t do it. No, Hilary says, she is afraid of it. She does not go on to say, “Just like you,” but the air is heavy with that realization. We drop it. As in any sane marriage, there are things we don’t talk about. In ours, it’s the boiler.

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    A while back, we had an improbable-looking guy named “Biff” come to an Aspen Club/YNY Retreat. Improbable because he was at least fifty pounds over weight, he had a huge beer belly and he did not to look to be in good shape. Lovely guy and everyone leaned in to help him but it did not look promising. Frankly, he had been idle and a mess for a long time. Very successful in business but clueless about his own body. The Aspen hikes we do on these gigs were way beyond him. But he was determined and had a sweet spirit. He stayed in touch with several of us and – most important – he kept at it, hard.

    He just wrote today to say (more than a year later, and after two Retreats) that he had made his tough goals. He had lost fifty pounds (Try that some time… SO hard); He lately had a check up: His blood pressure was normal (”Amazing” his doctor said), his PSA is negative, his A1C is normal and his cholesterol is fine. Just a remarkable achievement! All without meds… just different behavior. A lot different. His resting heart rate has gone from the high 80’s to the low 60’s. Oh boy. He’s coming to Colorado soon, to hike and climb. We should meet him at the border… with flags and banners. Welcome home, Biff! Welcome back to your real self!

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  • YNY Success (1) January 24, 2015

    Hello Chris and staff, I am 58, 5’8″ 200 lbs. And although you have seen worse BMI’s, I was 80 lbs heavier twelve short months ago!

    As a former athlete, runner, and regular exerciser, I knew what needed to be done – but my career had consumed my life. I was on a path to self destruction.

    Luckily, a job change freed up some time and I started from scratch in January 2014. I began with 15 minutes on the treadmill, s-l-o-w-l-y worked up 60 minutes plus in a few months. But, the meaningful progress began when a close friend – 76 years old and going strong – suggested YNY. Workout frequency, intensity, and focus increased. I averaged twelve pound weight loss the last four months of 2014. I will reach reach my goal of 160 lbs, my college weight, and return to running.

    Also, thanks to guidance and motivation do Thinner This Year, my cardiac risk factors are better controlled.

    I have discussed your books and philosophy with several friends hoping they will take the leap to better health.

    With sincere appreciation,

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  • A nice success story… (1) August 17, 2014
     Lourdes from Quito, Ecuador, South America
    Topic: when I was 51 years old I said to myself: time to relax and become an… old person?!!!
    Dear Chris: year after year I’ve got into a collection of kedges which were the 5 Major Marathons: Chicago, Boston, NYC, Berlin and Boston. After I finished them and got the certificate I said: what’s next?
    Years before I had seen an ultra trail race’s announcement called El Cruce Columbia 100k. It goes from Chile to Argentina.
    A friend of mine motivated me to run a 21k Norh Star in the mountains of Ecuador, my country. So I did it and won in my age group.
    Then I remembered about El Cruce Columbia 100k and decided that it was going to be my next goal, or kedge.
    I finished first in my age group in that race this last February.
    After that I said: ok I am 51 years old, better if I start to rest and relax a bit.
    Two months later, with 4 new pounds in my waist from the relaxing pause I took, a friend of mine told me about your book. I bought it through Amazon.com and here I am… taking out the kedge from the water and with many goals in my mind and heart and soul. With lots of energy, running more than ever and biking, weight lifting, hiking, dancing, doing Pilates, swimming and looking for a way to do some rowing. And lots of love, really.
    Nowadays lifetime goal: Run Ecuador. I started my own business which I put you in your consideration for anyone who wants to visit some exotic country and keep on running and getting fit.
    What I can say is that a kedge is not just for set a fitness goal, but an adventure for life.
    Thanks to your book I really waked up! Thanks for writing it so well !
    Lots of love,
    Lourdes Hernandez
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  • A wonderful letter! (0) August 21, 2013
    Hello Chris…
    It’s a rainy Saturday and I’m bummed because I won’t be able to ride my bike.  I thought it would be a good time to write as this month is my one-year anniversary of reading Younger Next Year.  I have read Younger twice and am currently re-reading Thinner for the second time.  I need repetition.
    I am 58 years old and my life style has changed pretty dramatically.  One of the best pieces of advice you gave was to join a gym.  Nobody has an extra hour a day but I made the time.  I go every day after work.  It’s automatic at this point.  Some days are better than others but I always feel good when I leave.  My weights on the machines have gone up so I’m definitely getting stronger.  I’m at max weight (415#) on the sitting bench press.  On weekends I ride the bike or take a hard walk or something for an hour each day.  I’m going up the same hills in a higher gear and going longer without feeling wasted.  I’m eating way more fuit and vegetables every day.  That was another great piece of advice.
    I was wearing 42″ waist pants a couple of years ago and was starting to buy 44″s.  Now I’m wearing 40″s and they are loose so I’m starting to buy 38″s.  My weight hasn’t changed much, I was 207# last year, got as low as 197# and am currently at 203#.  Even though my weight is about the same I’ve obviously redistributed it.  Diet and exercise.  Pretty simple.  And I feel good… better than I did before.
    My friend who recommended your book in the first place died in May.  He was 60 years old and not in good shape.  He got the concept and wanted to get started but fought a battle with cancer over the last year.  He died and that sucked.  I miss him but at least he provided and still provides some extra motivation.  I want to live a healthy and meaningful life for the rest of my time.  We all have to fight aging and I’m willing to keep up the regimen in order to do that.  I have recommended your books to many of my friends but the truth is none of them have taken this up.  Oh well… I’m not stopping.
    Thank you Chris.  You have truly done good.  I hope I have been able to express that.  May you live to 100.  I would like to come to that party!
    Bethany, CT
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  • Kedges work! (0) May 4, 2013

    Chris – I read both your books on a couple of recent long flights. Interestingly I had already been ‘following’ your program before I even knew about it. Last July I got a reality check when I saw my holiday photos. I had gotten out of control and was nearing 250lb. With my 50th Birthday around the corner I decided to do something about it. I signed up for a Triathlon that just happened to fall on my birthday in April. In the 9 months in between I lost over 30lbs and ended up finishing the triathlon (750m swim / 20km bike and 5km run) in a reasonable time. Your books have reinforced the message and I have now taken it to the next level by signing up for a long bike race in Nov and a 1/2 marathon in Dec. I am training daily and eating better – especially since reading Thinner…. I need to lose another 20-30lb! But like you I am not giving up my wine. Although not tonight as I have a 70k bike ride planned for tomorrow morning! Regards, Keith

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  1. Stephan2109

    Hi Chris,

    I am sorry about Harry!
    I am a retired 63 Year old School Teacher, Research Radiographic Technician, Businessman, Ecologist. I have been super active my whole life (Track, Ultra running, Bike road racing , Bike Packing, Triathalons, Masters Swimming, Volleyball…. I read your book, 1st time 3 years ago and took it up! My work outs have beeen focussed on whole body fitness (aerobics, weights, agiliy exercises…).

    2 weeks ago I had a heart attack! Right Coronary Artery 100% occluded. 3 stents put in and a blood clot removed.

    My life style had been perfect i.e. BP, Cholesterol, weight, family history, diet, exercise…(except age:)

    Thanks to Younger next Year my MI was minor. I had built up an enormous collateral blood supply that kept the muscle alive. My doctors are amazed and say I will make a complete recovery.

    Thanks Chris and Harry

  2. kmooreiii

    Chris – In my May 2013 comment, I mentioned that kedges were working for me. Just thought I’d send you an update as I have continued to make progress. In 2015 I ran 3 x Ironman 70.3 races and achieved All World Athlete status for my age group (still 50-54). This year I set a kedge to run my first full Ir0nman (3.8k swim, 180k bike, 42.2k run). Last weekend I achieved my goal by finishing the Ironman Western Australia. Along the way I am now down over 65lbs and the journey has been nothing but fun. That said, I think 2017 is going to be a ‘rest year’ for me.

  3. brenda1959

    Just finished “Thinner This Year” and have ordered the exercise book! I am 65 and have been blessed with excellent health. I have been an avid exerciser and have stepped things up for the last year because I am convinced that exercise is the key to staying young. However, I didn’t know a lot about the science behind exercise or techniques to do it correctly. I have been looking high and low for some sort of guidance. I knew I wanted a guide directed towards someone of my age. I ran across “Thinner This Year”! Yesterday I worked through the warm up before I went to the gym. Wow! I can really feel some muscles that haven’t been worked for awhile! Today I am going to try some of the strength training after the warm up. Also, I just ordered a heart monitor. I have to admit I am a bit intimidated, but am determined to do this! I am inspired by all of the success stories and hope to be writing about my own very soon! Thank you!!!

  4. Chris and Jen- Reading your two books has changed my life incredibly!!!
    I am 64 and retired at 63 for the third time. I have always been a Yo-Yo dieter in the textbook sense. One diet that worked for a short time was the Grapefruit Diet. I shed seventy five lbs over a year only to gain back eighty percent of it in the next year. Why you ask? Because as you two both know…….dieting does not work. It takes a “lifestyle” change to make a difference. Old Habits die HARD!! A good friend of mine told me upon retirement, to make exercise and good health my next Career!
    I said to myself, Hmmmm that sounds like a good idea! I bought a bike and started riding almost daily for a year. Lost a little here and there, but overall could not maintain any sustained loss. Then I went on a short ten day cruise and gained fifteen pounds drinking “Cruise Specials” morning, noon and night. Hello New Years 2015 and I am back to 218lbs. Back on the bike and by February 27th I had lost a whopping 3lbs! Totally dejected….I am sitting in my “Cancer” doctor’s office for my six month follow-up ( 6 years free and clear ). He said I was looking good and I said I was frustrated. He asked me why. I gave him my exercise routine and food consumption routine. He smiled and simply said ” Good exercise but eating all the wrong Junk”. He suggested substituting Smoothies for one meal and making meat my side dish and veggies and fruit my main course. This man who is truly invested in my health, ( he spent 81/2 hours of his life making sure he got rid of all of my cancer) seemed to say the Magic words!! I went out that day and bought a Nutri-Ninja and upon my friends recommendation, your two books. Younger Next Year and Thinner This Year. I read your two books Non Stop Saturday and Sunday. On March 2nd I start my own Kedge. No more crap food!! I ride for two hours and I am dying!!! Then I remembered what you said in the first book. “If you are going to ride, you need to buy a Heart Rate Monitor”. That night I buy my monitor. The next day I am riding and loving the pace. I am doing the Ninja daily and eating good nutrition daily and riding daily for TWO WEEKS. It is time to jump on the dreaded scale. Holy Cow I have lost 15lbs!! Two more weeks and my yearly check up is due. I go to my Primary care Physician and he sees a good change in me. He has been preaching to me for 11 years that I am obese and that I am “lying” to myself if I say “I am NOT!”
    So now I ask him if he thinks I am doing this “lifestyle change” correctly and safely. He gives me the go ahead to continue doing what You and Jen are telling me to do.
    Yesterday on May 29th I go back to my Primary care doc, three months into my Kedge and three months short of when I felt I could reach my goal weight and BMI and IBW. I am 5’11” tall and weight 170lbs. He has taken me off of my Acid Reflux meds and my cholesterol meds and has
    changeD my blood pressure meds from a combination med to a single beta blocker!
    Of course I have him tracking my health every six months and making sure I stay the course so to speak. He will take me off of the blood pressure med if my blood work and other exams come back good in December.
    The best news that I can give you is the following. I no longer crave the BBQ and Deserts and Corn in a Bag (Cheetos). I drive right past the Ice Cream Stores and the Chocolate Shoppes without any sadness. You two are so CORRECT in your philosophy. The body does not ask for much, just feed it the proper nutrition and give it some vigorous activity and it will reward you with GREAT Health!! I now bike Six Days a Week and ride 20 to 42 miles each day. I feel better than I have in decades!!!
    By the way and not to minimize its importance. My wife is doing the same lifestyle that I am living and she even rides with me on Sat and Sundays. We have regained a closeness that is so important in a marriage and in life. She is 13 years younger than me and now she can see that I will not be departing prematurely due to Obesity and bad health! She LOVES my Stir Fry dinners!
    Come this September. my Cancer Doctor is going to FLIP when he sees the dramatic change that his advise has made in me!
    YOU TWO ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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