*turn back your biological clock

The Life


The good life, the Thinner This Year life, is a three legged stool. The three legs are: 1. EXERCISE, 2. NUTRITION AND, 3. (perhaps surprisingly) CONNECTION AND COMMITMENT. One of the core points in the book is that us mammals (unlike the nasty reptiles) have a separate “limbic” or mammalian brain (one of our three separate brains) that lets us feel and convey emotion. That is all the limbic brain is for, and it was the mammals’ great, competitive gift, in the Darwinian crucible of survival.



If you thought there was no easy answers to getting Younger Next Year … um, you were right. It’s a torture. And it lasts the rest of your life.  Serious exercise, SIX DAYS A WEEK, until death. How about them apples? How in the world do we sell a single book? But here’s the funny thing. We sell a ton of them and have, from the beginning. And readers write these amazing letters ALL THE TIME.



If you’ve read Younger Next Year you’ll know what a Kedge is. You’ve probably already got some under your (ever tightening) belt.  But if you haven’t read the books yet, you’re not off the hook. Yet. Long story short – A Kedge is our term for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.  It’s setting a desperate goal and working like crazy to get there. To save yourself. It doesn’t have to be a self-inflicted torture. It doesn’t even have to be long-term.



We don’t say an awful lot about nutrition in the Younger books, but the advice we offer is pretty good. A little blunt, maybe, but pretty good. It is carefully put in Harry’s Rules: “QUIT EATING CRAP!” Excellent advice in a country where powerful forces are hard at work, around the clock, trying to persuade you to do just the opposite. And readers who have done the exercise and quit eating crap have had amazing success at losing weight, as well as getting fit and healthy.