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Chris Crowley at the Grocery Store We don’t say an awful lot about nutrition in the Younger books, but the advice we offer is pretty good. A little blunt, maybe, but pretty good. It is carefully put in Harry’s Rules: “QUIT EATING CRAP!” Excellent advice in a country where powerful forces are hard at work, around the clock, trying to persuade you to do just the opposite. And readers who have done the exercise and quit eating crap have had amazing success at losing weight, as well as getting fit and healthy. Nice. I have gotten thousands of passionate communications on the subject… it had a lot to do with my decision to write the new book.

In the new book, Thinner Next Year, we go into a lot more detail, but the core message is the same, if longer: Quit Eating Crap. Quit eating “dead food” in particular… food with a ton of calories and almost no nutrients. And don’t super-size yourself. The way we eat in this country – THE GREAT WESTERN DIET, with its heavy emphasis on refined flour, refined sugar, animal meats and solid fat – is insanity. And – after it makes us sluggish, ineffectual and funny looking – it makes us sick. In the end, it kills a huge number of us. One of the key revelations (to me, at least) is that “stored fat” – the pot or gut – is actually toxic. It is a font of inflammation and free radicals. It makes us sick. Gotta exercise like a lunatic. Exercise is still the great flywheel of the good life. But we gotta quit eating crap, too. We’ll be talking about that a lot. Advice, recipes… the works. Important stuff. Mildly interesting, too. Chris

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  1. What are the five foods we are not suppose to eat???

  2. What are the five foods I am not to eat???

  3. Tammye Burnette

    Greetings from Boulder, CO! My husband and I have read both TNY and YNY and we are well on our way to our best fitness and weight levels in our whole lives! So sorry we waited til our 50s and 60s to read the books, but who knows, maybe we wouldn’t have “gotten it” til we were older wiser and creakier and chubbier. Hope someone can help settle a debate we are having. My husband travels for work and sometimes cant get to a work out all day. He says he can work out 2 times in one day (say a strength session at the gym for an hour in the morning and a hour long run in the afternoon) and make up for the day he missed. On the weeks he doesn’t travel we can easily work out 6 days a week, but can he “make up a day” by working out 2 times in one day? Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated?

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