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If you thought there was no easy answers to getting Younger Next Year … um, you were right. It’s a torture. And it lasts the rest of your life.  Serious exercise, SIX DAYS A WEEK, until death. How about them apples? How in the world do we sell a single book?
But here’s the funny thing. We sell a ton of them and have, from the beginning. And readers write these amazing letters ALL THE TIME. About how much they like their new lives. And new waist lines. And the look. And the book. Weird. It is a teeny bit of a cult, out there.  A cult of astonishingly successful readers and exercisers  who have simply changed their lives. Pretty neat. Pretty good fun for Harry and me, hearing about it almost every day, believe me.
The explanation, of course, is that this stuff works. It works like crazy, and it changes lives. Big time. And the fly wheel of the change – THE FLYWHEEL OF THE GOOD LIFE – is fairly serious exercise, six days a  week, forever.
Make it your job: the pay is amazing. And we mean to help you – over time – on this site, with reports from people who have done okay… tips about how to do this and that… and general drum beating (my specialty). Take a look from time to time. Hope it’ll be fun. Chris

 Younger Next Year Crew

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  1. TonyOHara

    For men, wear loose boxer shorts, loose pants and sleep with your lower half bare. This will increase your testosterone quite a bit and hence lessen fatigue. Tony

  2. Gordon Hartwig

    I have a bone to pick. I am a former marathoner now racewalker, soccer player, hiker, weight lifter age 71 with a resting heart rate of 45. I am looking for less time consuming workout than the one you describe in your book. I think your suggested workout is way too much for 70+ people and too much unless you want to be a senior athlete and not just fit. If I put in an hour a day of your exercise I am tired and it takes up a lot of my time. I believe the new shorter routines are good enough if you want to be fit but not a senior athlete. The 4 x4 routine, half hour of weights or just a plank, push ups, pull ups and some other body only exercises. Long workouts are not necessary to stay fit. And besides who is going to play soccer or run a marathon after 70. Long should be maybe an hour and half of 70% heart rate and only done once or twice a month. Aren’t we just wearing ourselves out if we do to much exercise? The question I have which is not answered is how much should one do to be fit in their 70s and 80s. I don’t believe one can advise on this subject unless you have been there…..ie, you are actually in your 80s to say if you are more fatigued than when in the 70s from a routine and again we are not talking about super athletes but ordinary people. You are much too young to know what older people are feeling. I myself have never had joint problems or fatigue but now am enduring both as I am aging. I am finding I do not have the energy I used to when I was 50 and a marathoner. Now with a herniated disk in my neck and hip problems I cannot run long distances or do certain things.

    • Chris Crowley administrator

      Sorryl Just don’t agree. I am 80 and doing this stuff with ease. Go for it Chris

      • Gordon Hartwig

        May I ask what is your routine for the week and how fast do you run a mile in? Can you do run/walk 10 miles is less than 11 minute miles? Do you feel fatigued after such a workout? What about lifting weights for a hour? Or do you do shorter training? I know of few over 70 athletes so it would be nice to get a perspective from another person who at this time works out 5 to 6 times a week fairly hared.


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