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Below are community groups, athletic clubs, nurses and trainers influencing others to connect and commit to the YNY lifestyle and community. They are daily changing lives promoting Younger Next Year principles. We applaud you.

Hospital for Special Surgery | New York, NY

A great book for back-pain sufferers and their caregivers alike. The guidance offered will allow the afflicted to get on a path to recovery and wellness – to get back to what they love to do. – Todd J. Albert, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief

The Aspen Club & Spa | Aspen, CO

The Aspen Club &Spa – a world class athletic training facility and spa located in Aspen, Colorado.  The Aspen Club offers the latest in training knowledge and technology as well as physical therapy and consultation.  Add the luxurious spa and full service salon – and you are in for the perfect day of training and pampering!  Not only does Chris workout here, he holds Younger week-long Younger Next Year  retreats at the club as well.

Rock The Ages | Tucson, AZ

For residents of Tucson, AZ only, Rock the Ages is a FREE web-based social network and virtual health club for those 50 years old and older. Through exercise, responsible eating and community the goal is to maintain functional age at or below chronological age for the rest of their long strong lives.  Rock the Ages’ philosophy is centered on “Younger Next Year” and new members are quizzed on their knowledge of the book.  Rock the Ages is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Tucson Medical Center.  That should tell you something!* www.rocktheages.org

Jean Schnaak RN | Raleigh, NC

Jean is a RN who advises people with serious health problems – coronary arterial disease, diabetes and hypertension – about how to keep themselves out of hospital.  She is passionate about nursing the hearts of others through sharing the philosophy of being younger next year (recommending the book at least five times a day!)*

Jon Bates, Addicted to Fitness | Naples, FL

As an owner of a fitness coaching business in Naples, Florida, Jon is a huge supporter and promoter of Younger Next Year.  He recommends the books to every client he works with and is passionate about   spreading the truth about health and aging.*

Valerie Baadh Garrett, Agile Aging | Brisbane, CA

Valerie considers herself an “official” promoter of Younger Next Year!  Her own theme is “Let’s get moving” in her work to encourage mature adults (older, seniors, elderly).   She points to YNY principles regularly  and even gives away YNY books to staff at assisted living organizations to encourage their own fitness while they developed a new mobility program for their residents!*

Alex Graham, Charleston Bike Tours | Charleston, SC

Younger Next Year motivated Alex to start a bicycle tour company in Charleston ,SC.  He is having a blast meeting some great senior youngsters and enjoying the fresh air and exercise.  Younger Next Year is honored to be listed on their website as recommended reading for fitness and cycling.**YNY cannot officially endorse these entities, but any outfit that is creating YNY-based programs gets a grateful nod from us!

Eric Von Frohlich CROSSFIT | New York, NY

“I have always known that the more fit I was, the more I could do and be. Fitness created freedom for me.”
Eric is a strong believer in the transformative effect that fitness can have on people’s lives and is known for his encouraging and empathetic style. After 20 years in the industry, including private training, teaching group classes and creating many of his own acclaimed programs, he brings it all together with the opening of EVF Performance and CrossFit Upper East Side.


  1. We loved the book thanks.

  2. Roselind Tonner

    We loved your book we read it four years ago and live it today – we have spent the last 6 months cycling South America


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