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December 31, 2009 in Blog, Exercise

Be interested to hear some New Years resolutions. Here’s mine:

Write more stuff down for one and a half months. That is, do a detailed, daily write up (on the computer, not a form) of exercise and food and drink…in an effort to a) try out a much more plant-based diet…see what’s possible for me, b) maybe lose as much as ten pounds and c) strengthen the core and the smaller muscle groups that protect the hip…the rotator cuff and so on. Also, get better on the dreary STRETCH. Joints are an increasingly scary problem area as one gets to my age and I want to fight back…hard. I think that strengthening the core AND the little muscles (not so little actually…just short) that hold the joints together will help.

One effort that may or may not survive the first week: write down a plan for the next day at the end of every day…and (the next day) write down how i did. That means two trips to the computer on this stuff every day, which may be too much of a bother. But I am doing all this without a trainer, up here in the hills; it is SO hard to do resolutions without feedback. So this writing plan is to be a sort of Self-Feedback. We’ll see.

There’s mine. Show me yours. C