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Glycemic Index: Another Nutrition Myth

It’s hard to stay serious about nutrition alerts because they flip around so wildly. The most famous was the “food pyramid” of the early ’90’s which was stood more or less on its head a decade later. In our Thinnner This Year I wrote that “we wander in a dark wood when it comes to nutrition…” because there’s so much nonsense out there.
Turns out that the vaunted Glycemic Index – which purports to measure how fast blood sugar rises after a given food  (slower is better) – varies so wildly in  tests that the glycemic index numbers are virtually useless, according to a recent Tufts Newsletter, reporting on a recent  study.
We still think it makes a ton of sense to stay away from refined (white) flour and go with whole grains. But that lovely, detailed scale is apparently out the window. Good grief!

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