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Review: ‘The Practical Navigator’

Here is a lovely review of Navigator from an entity called LEO,  the article is “Six Summer Books For Men.”

One of the best crime novels we have read in a long time, this book is intelligent, well-plotted and has characters with so much depth that, once you’re finished, it will be hard not to think of them as people you once knew. Set in the world of 1980’s yacht racing, this legal thriller explores the mythology and real life details, at an extreme, of this insular community, and the way they all mix together in a dizzying spell of sex, power and murder.”

The author, Jeffery Chassen, points out that most books for men are the super-popular, formula books  like the Jack Reacher books, Jason Bourne etc. He offers reviews of six  books which he says are “smart, masculine books and worth reading. Nice company in which to find one’s self.

It is interesting: selling books that appeal to men – including some pretty good books – is oddly hard. I had a number of serious publishers read Navigator. They uniformly like it but said it was a “man’s book” and they weren’t interested in that just now. Good grief, why not?! It’s baffling. And frustrating. I am plenty grateful to see Navigator in print at all.

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