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Went off to spin class at six-thirty this morning…the last one before going off for a long ski in Aspen. But I was reminded just what a nice form of aerobics it is…how much being in a group helps.

There were 36 people in the class, all but 8 of them women…and the best trainer in the club. The average age was low, probably in the 30’s, and most people were mighty fit…but not scary, and there were some people in their 50’s and even older. I can live with a hectic hour in the company of pleasant looking people in their 30’s…what the hell?
It wasn’t hellishly hard: a max for me at one point of 90% but mostly at the 70-75% level. But so efficient…so pleasant. The whole thing took an hour, door to door on this freezing New York morning, and felt great.

There are a lot of ways to spin this “six days” cat, but spinning sure is a nice one.

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