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Had the best day, XC skiing yesterday, up to the Maroon Bells Lake (7 steep miles up, 7 alarming fast miles down) w Blake, a pal from Lakeville. We are suited to each other: both in decent aerobic shape, both xc ski a lot, I have advantage of being more acclimated to altitude. And he is 30 years younger than I am. (tee hee)

It was a four hour grind and, Blake would argue, quite a bit easier for me becauseI do this awful exercise stuff so religiously. And it works. By the way, just being out here in these hills, at my tender age, is an honor and a joy, as I hope the pix will show. SUCH a treat.

Remember the great goal: BE YOUR SWEET SELF TIL CLOSE TO THE END. We’re working on it.

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  1. So glad to hear from you! And glad to see you’re so fast back in the saddle after your fall. Truly, a living inspiration!

  2. Jessica Sandler

    I’m so impresses! Way to go!

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