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About Chris

Chris Crowley is the New York Times bestselling co-author (with the late NYC internist and Columbia Medical School Professor, Henry S. Lodge, M.D. “Harry”) of the YOUNGER NEXT YEAR books which have sold over two million copies in 23 languages. Chris had the idea for the books and did much of the writing but he is quick to say that “Harry was the brains of the outfit.” The books have been called ‘The Boomers’ Bible’ and ‘The Best Thing Ever Written’ about fitness and wellness for those over 40. They are “cult books” for those generations. A revised edition comes out in January 2020, with new material by a leading brain surgeon and professor of neuroscience on the impact of behavioral change on the emotional life and cognitive intelligence. (“It is surprisingly important,” Chris says. “You actually get 10% smarter, doing this stuff.”)


One of Chris’s great pleasures these days is giving Keynote talks on The Revolution in Aging, the subject of all the books. A competitor calls him One of the three best speakers in the country. “I’m not so sure about that,” Chris says, “but folks do  like ‘em a lot and they’re tremendous fun for me. My boast would be that they are: High-energy, funny and seriously informative (life-changing, on a good day). A particularly good fit talk for clients of INVESTMENT ADVISORS and YPO groups.” CONTACT Chris at: Chris@youngernextyear.com to discuss.


Chris’s most recent book (published in August 2018) is THE YOUNGER NEXT YEAR BACK BOOK, a book on permanently ending back pain, with leading healer, Dr. Jeremy James of Aspen. Jeremy has also created a program of streamed, subscription videos, BackForever.com, which teach Jeremy’s protocol in depth. The response to the book and the videos has been enthusiastic. “Because they work, and there’s nothing like ‘em out there,” Chris says. “They are changing a lot of lives. Take a peek at the many Amazon reviews: amazing.”

In 2016, Chris, Harry and leading trainers, Bill Fabrocini P.PT. C.S.C.S., and Riggs Klika Ph.D. published Younger Next Year, THE EXERCISE BOOK. Chris says. “ This little book – almost my favorite – tells you what exactly what to do, when you do either strength or aerobic exercise, and how to do it right, which makes all the difference.”

Thinner This Year, written with George Washington University professor, Jen Sacheck, tells you how to eat right (and exercise) to be fit.  Chris says, “In a world of hype and outright nonsense, this is the real deal. Jen’s fun but also smart and solid. If she says it, it’s true.”

He has just completed a novel, The Practical Navigator,  a legal mystery  and a retelling of the Minotaur myth. “It is literally my favorite,” he says. “Such fun  to write… maybe even some fun to read.”


Chris is a graduate of Exeter, Harvard College and The University of Virginia Law School (where he was Articles Editor of the Law Review). He spent his 25 year professional career at the New York City law firm, Davis Polk, almost all as a partner in litigation. Career highlights include arguing a civil rights case in The Supreme Court, heading up one side in the largest take-over fight till that time and various other major, corporate litigations.

Chris loved the law but he retired early, because he wanted to live more than one life, which he has surely done. On “retirement” Chris and his wife, the portrait painter Hilary Cooper, moved to Aspen Colorado for five years to ski-bum, paint and write. During that time, he got the idea for the Younger Next Year books. Today they live in New York City and Lakeville Connecticut, in the Berkshires. They have three children, six grandchildren, and Olive, a Havanese Mountain Dog.

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