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BALANCE By Scott McCredie

On Friday, when I was sick as a kennel full of dogs, a terrific St Louis lawyer named Hardy Menees sent me this book and I read it at a single sitting. Hardy chided me (and I guess Harry) for underplaying balance and its importance. I think he was right.

Balance is tremendously important, obvioulsy, and the weight training we push helps a great deal. But there are other things and the book talks about them. It is a “popular” book but in the John McFee manner…slightly intense. Try it.

There’s some fascinating information. Like the notion that it may be balance, not brain size, that distinguishes us from Neanderthals. Our brains are smaller than the Neanderthals, it turns out, but our vesitbular systems (in our ears) are much larger. The theoretical explanation will fascinate anyone who enjoyed Harry on evolution.

Loss of balance is one of the true horrors of aging. There are things to be done about it. And the more you know, the better off you are. Give this book a try. Thanks, Hardy Mendees and Scott McCredie.

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