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It’s Sunday in the hills, and we’re getting ready for a huge week. On Tuesday, I turn 80! (Eek). On Thursday, old pals are throwing us a huge, black-tie dinner at an elegant club in New York… 130 family and friends. And toasts and dancing and on and on. Oh boy! Everyone is coming to town for it, and it is going to be major fun. This probably sounds bad but one feature? It is a buffet supper, but the hosts have sworn that we shall never run out of caviar! Talk about, Oh boy!” Turns out, that that was a feature of my 50th to be a feature of my 80th too. Quite the little boost to a party… a surfeit of caviar. And good, D.J. music. Excellent bar and great food. Maybe a toast or two. Nice.

We catch our breath, the next few days with family and pals. Then on Sunday, I fly off to Toronto to give a talk to 800 bankers. Then on to Aspen, if you please, for one of our Aspen, ‘TOTAL IMMERSION WEEKS.” Hilly’s coming this time…we all stay at the Jerome… which makes it double fun for me. I do love these weeks. COME ON OUT… there’s still a little room.

Then back home and buckle down to training for the Head of the Charles single scull race on October 18th  HERE WE GO! Could be pretty good. The 70’s sure were. Amazing, to tell the truth. And, apparently it isn’t quite over yet.

Not bad.  Not a bad, running start on my 80’s.  HERE WE GO, KIDS!


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  1. Happy birthday, Chris, a man who is a major inspiration to me and changed my life… I became a personal trainer after I retired and brag about you to every client. I received Younger Next Year as a retirement gift in 2006. I bought the audio and listened to it while I trained for my long distance running events.
    I will be 60 next month! YIKES..bring it on! I am so excited that you wrote Thinner This Year… I’m getting my credit card right now.
    (I only wish I understood social media and websites…still working on that!)
    Pam B. Mentor, Ohio

  2. Chris, you’ve got at least 20 good years to be skiing the bumps! Keep on showing us how it’s done! Happy birthday to you!

  3. Kim C. Flodin

    Happy birthday, Chris! How marvelous!

  4. A hearty “Happy Birthday!”, Chris! May your next 80 be as good as the first 80 have been.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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