*turn back your biological clock


We’ve got these "limbic" or mamalian brains, right? Feed on emotions? Gotta connect or you get the sniffles? You remember all that from the book, yes?
Okay, here’s an implementation tip. Flew all the way to Florida on Friday to have supper with my sister, who has the sniffles, on her 82nd birthday. This is just to say it was one of the pleasant things I’ve done this year. She’s feeling pretty tough and can’t do a hell of a lot, but she sure liked being visited and the three of us – she and her husband and I – talked like magpies for six hours…went out and ate big fat lobsters and I flew home again. On a major high. She got something out of it. I got a huge amount out of it. We are mammals. Snuggle up.

Oh, here’s another thing. She made a genius marriage in 1948 to one of the nicest men in the country and it still a blazing success…seeing them both through. You look at the two of them, all these years later and shake your head in wonder. Talk about clever mammals. Mating for life was a bit byond my gifts but what luck if you can do it.

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