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This may get old, these celebrations of the YNY life, but I sure had a beauty this weekend. Up on Lake Winnepesauke again…up at dawn and took the new Whitehall (actually a Little River Heritage Skiff, made of carbon fiber) out before any else was stirring. Rowed in the mist and the loons to nearby islands…slowly…just taking it in. Then headed to the town (Wolfeboro) to get the paper. Hit it a little on those legs… About six miles all told.
Then the paper on the long porch with four huge trees growing through it, looking up the lake. So perfect. The house slowly wakes up… Hilary, Olive the dog, Hilary’s parents. Those tiny Maine blueberries for breakfast. Loll about for a couple of hours. How good does it get? And being able to do that row is the key to everything.

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