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The Tufts health newsletter – a good source – just came out with a report that amused me. They said, with some surprise apparently, that “even after 70” exercise helps a lot. Not exactly a news flash to readers of Younger Next Year or to me.

I am absolutely certain – from my own experience – that exercise matters MORE as you age, not less. I also note that missing a couple of days has a sharper, negative impact than it used to. My passionate advice to my elderly brothers and sisters: EXERCISE MORE, NOT LESS, AS YOU AGE. IT WORKS.

A recent example: for a bunch of compelling reasons, I really could not exercise for ten days, up until a few days ago. I felt God-awful and it took a major push to get back at it. But when I did, my spirits soared and I felt physically terrific again. SO… even after 70? Well DUH!

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