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Somehow I managed to lose (read “spend”) most of the tons of dough I made, years ago as a lawer, so it’s gone. Too bad. But not the pals I met in that life. So the opportunities for freeloading – which I am sadly shy about – are terrific. Once in a while i do it.

For example I am out in Aspen, for three weeks, working. And, instead of a nasty hotel, I am camped alone in a good friend’s 15,000 square foot log mansion that is one of the most elegant in a valley that is not hurting for elegant places to stay. It’s too big, really. A little bit scary…like the hotel in The Shining. But, bless me, I am a good sport about it. Especially this morning. “The Staff” came by yesterday and turned on the big hot tub for me. So, at seven in the morning, there I was, up to my chin in perfect 104 degree water, watchinig the sun light up the Rockies, across the Northstar Preserve…one of the most beautiful places in the world. You cannot see another house…just the Roaring Fork River, the vally and the mountains beyond. Hawks fly over, their are coyotes and deer in the fields, and you want to keep an eye out for bears. Not that bad.
It is lonely…too bad. But I am dealing. AND I’m getting a lot of work done, ’cause there’s no one to play with. Freeloading. Try it. Another reason to connect and commit in life.

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