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Hilly and I have been skiing in Aspen for a week and HOW I rejoice.  People think this place is a bubble for the rich and the spoiled. Maybe, but they do not get underfoot.  To me, it is still the absolutely magical place I came to in 1973 and to which I have returned, every year since.  I am as much in love with it today as ever.  Maybe more, because I am so glad to be able to do this stuff when so many of my pals have crawled under the bed or whatever.  For me,   THIS IS THE PAYOFF for all that exercise out in the barn. I get to come swooping down these stunning hills, with a turn of speed.   Like a kid. Oh boy!

So many of my pals quit skiing (and biking and everything else but golf) at 50 or 60 or whatever. DUMB! To let this stuff slip out of your life one moment before you have to… uh, uh.

I am off tomorrow to give a talk in the midwest.  Think they’ll hear a word or two about this? Oh yes. I don’t know how much skiing they do in Indianapolis; they will have to extrapolate.

[Do “Join” this site, by the way. The free FORTNIGHTLY you will soon get has some nice Aspen stuff. And an old video clip  of me and DOCTOR HUNTER S. THOMPSON, at a very odd wedding at which the two of us officiated. Hint: the bridegroom was a bull.]


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  1. Garry Rose

    I got book back in 2005 or so and it has been a major part of my life to now (67 years of age). It will continue to be the foundation for my future. Using YMCA as a vehicle to getting in better shape (younger next year!!) and keeping that going.

    Thanks for the book


  2. Steve shimp

    Just wanted to say thanks. Almost 67. Distance Backpacking 90 miles this summer. Wife and I did 60 miles last summer in Colorado, climbing three 13,000 peaks along the way. I did 90 miles of the North Carolina mountain to sea trail the summer before. We’re also distance canoeing in the quetico this summer. We scuba dive, ski,etc. Life is good!

    My son gave me your book as a gift when I was 59. It made sense so I bought in. I lost 15 # after retirement, get to the one hour deal at least five days a week, and am happy for it. I also supplemented your text with The China Study = great book also.

    The only criticism I have of your book is that it poo-poos golf as non-exercise. If you walk 18, never use a cart, and carry your bag, I’d offer that it fits the exercise profile, particularly in Florida in the summer!

    Again, thanks a bunch.

    Steve Shimp

  3. Hey Chris,

    My husband and I were at Snowmass the second week in February and rode the Elk Camp lift with a guy who was 90! He did have an oxygen pack with him, but none the less, he was out there skiing. Made me think of you!

  4. Gail Montomery RN

    Per your request on page 217 “odds & ends about being an old girl” 1) Makeup : our eyebrows tend to fade or gray, they are the picture frame of our eyes use an eyebrow pencil, a little mascara always helps but too thick and clumpy is never a good look at any age, if you tend to have red eyes use some eye drops daily ( from my ophthalmologist ) red eyes make you look old, sickly or that you have been drinking ! Have your make up done (free) at a department store( it can be a little too much for me) but you can learn some good tips and find out what colors suit you(cool/pinks or warms/peach) Foundation is your friend, a primer helps smooth and a light hand ! Learn how to use a bronzer to define your cheek bones & thin your face. Use little to no face powder… It accentuates lines & wrinkles. Face : Hydrate 2x day… With SPF 15 or more ( smoking and sun cause wrinkles) And lipstick is a must, our lips fade as we age…. Choose a color that makes your teeth look what not yellow, speaking of teeth whiten them ! Nothing ages you more than yellow teeth, your smile is one of your greatest assets. Do you ever notice that even crooked teeth don’t look so bad when they are white !Smile smile smile… Whenever you great someone:) Neck : this is a tough one part of this is genetics & can worsen if you carry extra weight.. Use lotion with toner & stand up straight. Posture stand up straight shoulders back & a physical therapist told me aim your belly button up towards wher the ceiling meets the wall… It work!… Standing straight makes you look confident & keeps your spine in alignment. Breasts…with a bra on what location are they between your elbow & your shoulder ? If they are lower than the half-way point the girls have just gone from va-va-vroom to ewe!…. They say most women are wearing the wrong size bra….go get measured and don’t be afraid of underwire bras if you need one. Décolletage ( the area above you cleavage) wrinkles…again related sunburns and sleeping on your side if you have large breasts… Again lotion often with sunscreen. And according to my Chiropractor re: sleeping positions “back is best, side is second, stomach is just not good for your spine ! “(Ok if you are pregnant) Hair : very important there are very few women who look good in gray… Usually a blue eyed fair skinned women who is not overweight…a stylish short haircut ( a bob or shorter) it can look absolutely stunning also black women can pull it off with a nice short cut. But long gray hair is never a good look…. Looks like you have given up on how you feel about yourself… Color it and if can’t afford to have it done do it yourself ! Gray hair on men is distinguished…. On women not so much ! Get a flattering hair cut… Ask you friends who will tell you the truth. Pony tails are for 20 year olds unless you are working out ! Nails : Clean and trimmed : Always ! If all you do is use clear nail polish it will keep the strong & pretty treat your self to a manicure, pick out a fun color… If you keep putting clear on it will last longer or really treat yourself to shellac it drys instantly and is hard and will not chip. Don’t even think of leaving the house with chipped nail polish…. Can you say tacky ! Oh and hands really show the age of a woman…lotion lotion lotion and sunscreen ! Many lotions have sunscreen in them… Find one. Skin : find a good tanning lotion or spray…. Use it especially on arms & legs that aren’t as pretty as when we were 25 🙂 Most do not turn your skin orange like 20 yrs ago ! I like the spray by Arbonne… It is very gradual, easy to apply and smells good. Do not laugh … Even fat arms look better when they are tan ! Speaking of arms just say no to tank tops if your arms are fat and flabby… It’s just not a good look ! Woven more reason to start lifting weights… Start with dumbbells… I have an 8 pound one in my bathroom I do reps while I dry my hair ( I have long/thick hair so I have time !) standing in front of a mirror helps me correct my form. Don’t even think about shorts either ! This is why God invented capris or a nice skirt above or below the knee. Best Regards, MsMonty.

    I am thoroughly enjoying your book at 57 and I am working on being ” Younger Next Year “!

  5. Nora avrakas

    reading this while pedaling on my trainer in the family room, waiting for groomers to finish the trails. Heading to Houghton mi for one more ski race be caused the Birkie did not kill me or my friend…Yeay for YNY! Great philosophy! I hope my body lasts.

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