*turn back your biological clock


Up early in NYC… get in a workout at 6:30 before horrendous day. Stop at Starbucks in Barns and Noble… chatting when heavy guy in suit comes up. I ask if he works in this skyscraper and, yes, he does… for the first time. First time he has a job in TWO YEARS!!… poor, poor man. Anyhow I warmly wished him well, this first day. But got to thinking how he’d gotten out of shape, the last two years… had to be forty or fifty pounds overweight.

I sympathized in a way: SO easy to eat when things are going badly. Or when things are going well…. You deserve it. You don’t have time to work out… on and on. I had been wandering a bit myself, lately… working super hard, traveling, making deals. And letting my weight go to hell and my exercise get a little stale. NO NO NO. That’s the time to take it up, I reminded myself. It’s a chapter in the book, now. SO LIVE IT< FOR GOD’S SAKE!! What waS I THINKING?

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