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Somehow (shamefully) we forgot to have a place on the site to talk about GOOD GEAR. What an appalling failure…gear is so key to all this stuff. And so much fun.
I was reminded to do something about it when I was out biking in the rain this morning and thinking how much I liked my new Arctyrex jacket. It’s a good example. This is a new line of gear that Harry put me on to. Super warm for the weight…real wind-stopper and so on. Not cheap but good. Their new stuff is sweeping through Aspen, a hot-bed of gear-buying. Arctyrex almost deserves the prices they chage. Take a look, see what you think.

And tell us about stuff you’ve found (no commercial plugs, please) on the new GOOD GEAR FORUM.

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  1. Where is this GOOD GEAR FORUM? Link? Way to find it?

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