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Good Read: The “Younger Next Year Back Book” by Chris Crowley and Dr. Jeremy James

Jeremy James and Chris Crowley – the latter is the originator and coauthor of the “Younger Next Year” books – have written a comprehensive guide to Jeremy’s protocol for ending back pain called “The Younger Next Year Back Book.” The original “Younger Next Year” books — written by Chris and the late New York internist and Columbia University Medical Center professor, Henry S. Lodge, MD — have sold over two million copies in 23 languages. Their basic premise: behavioral change (especially exercise) can put off 70% of aging until close to the end of life and completely eliminate 50% of major illnesses and accidents (like heart disease, diabetes, and most cancers). Those claims turn out to be quite true, and the books have become cult books and life-changers for people over 40.

Jeremy came to Chris with the notion of doing a serious back book together, because Jeremy’s 5-Step BackForever protocol — with its 80% success rate — is also heavily behavior-based and life-changing. In addition, he and Chris had done a number of “Younger Next Year” retreats together and knew each other well. The idea was to write a solid, science-based book on Jeremy’s protocol that Chris would help to make readable and motivational, like “Younger Next Year.” The alternating voices of the scientist and the amateur/client would also follow that model.

As Chris tells it, “Jeremy’s young and smart, and I’m old and funny. Together we thought we could tell this very complex story in a way that is sound but also readable and almost fun. Well, ‘fun,’ is strong but at least it won’t make your teeth hurt. And, by heaven, it is persuasive. We think we can get you to tackle your back pain the only way that’s going to work in the end: by changing your behavior, including a serious, life-long exercise habit. Sounds hard but it’s way easier than living with back pain. The book spells out why it makes sense and exactly what to do. And it’s a pretty good read.”

“THIS IS A GREAT BOOK FOR BACK PAIN SUFFERERS AND THEIR CAREGIVERS ALIKE. THE GUIDANCE OFFERED WILL ALLOW THE AFFLICTED TO GET ON A PATH TO RECOVERY AND WELLNESS…TO GET BACK TO WHAT THEY LOVE TO DO.” – Dr Todd Albert, Surgeon in Chief and Chief Medical Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, New York, #1 ranked orthopedic hospital 2017-2018 US News and World Report

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