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A while ago I was in Florida and dropped in on my friend, Bill, at Little River Marine, makers of the lovely Whitelhall skiff (their Heritage model) which I mention in the book.

I mentioned that I was thinking of going into some ocean race with it and asked if I might borrow one of his ultra-lite Heritages. “I’ll do better than that,” he said. “You sold an awful lot of boats for me, with that book I’d be happy to swap your old, heavy boat for a new carbon fiber one.” Uh, okay.

It arrived a little while ago and this weekend I drove up to Wolfeboro, got out to the island (the boatyard had dropped it off out there), borrowed a boat to get out to the island and went for a row. What HEAVEN! It is a wonderful ride…and of course, the best exercise in the world. If you’re thinking, ever, about getting yourself a good pulling boat (not a single scull, though Little River makes those too, but a boat that can take a little weather and still has a sliding seat and outriggers) be sure to look at the Little River carbon fiber Heritage. It is superb. And so pretty to look at it makes your eyes ache. Such a nice creature.

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