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We get questions about home gyms…here are some thoughts. First, I happen to think a go-to-gym is better but some can’t and some hate em. And i have no good one up in the country so I have a fairly elaborate one up here in the Berkshires.
But all you really need is a batch of free weightes – just hand-held dumbells will do for a while…maybe forever. Be sure to get some light, middle and heavy…for you. A simple bench helps too. For legs, lunges…then lunges with weights are pretty good. Hard but good
Get a book – or some copies of Men’s Health or the like. I am not near my “fitness library” up here but there are a bunch of them that are ok. This is not brain science but you do want to do it right. Core tip…get off to a slow start…slower than you think you need. Also DO NOT SWING. Third, in the early stages do more reps and less weight. You can crank up as you get used to it.
Final tip, think about a big ball for core exercises. More fun and more apt to do it. Gotta do core.
I actually have some pretty serious machines out in my barn but they cost a fortune. Dunno about sometihnt like Bowflex…hear it’s pretty good but never tried it. CC

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