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A foot of new powder yesterday and two, hard-skiing pals in from NYC for Hilary and me to ski it with. They were still getting used to the altitude but they are also just 40 years old. So, hey, it’s fair.
And what fun it was! Such perfect snow and – for some reason – it took forever for the best runs to be skied out.

For those who don’t know, the thrill is to be able to go down the steepest and bumpiest runs and be slowed down just enough so that it is like a form of graceful flying…you just float down the mountain. Hard to learn but highly addictive once you’re more or less there.

Familiar point: it is highly STRENGTH DEPENDENT. Gotta have your quads in shape of forget it. Gets harder, maybe, as you age but so utterly worth it. All those days on the stinky quad machine pay off big time.

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