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I call trips like my jaunt up to the Green Mountain Head in Putney last weekend a "kedge". The term is described in thebooks but it roughly means a motivating trip or purchase of some damn thing that gets you going again and keeps you at it. Keeps you from giving up or doping off.

The subject of today’s sermon is "Kedges Work"…they really do. I came back from this ridiculous boat race in the rain as if fired from a gun. I am full of energy…full of resolve…crazy about myself for having done it. On and on. Today, I rowed for two hours at dawn, THEN went to the stinky gym and did weights…THEN did the taxes I have been putting off forever. I am one born-again old boy,I tell you. Wonderful. And it was all this absurd row in the rain. Details another time but, listen: Default to Yes. It is SUCH good advice and I am so glad I took it.

Please, if any of you have a kedging story – good, bad or other – write and let me know.

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