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Last Bike Ride

This is the last good day for a while. And I have this goofy surgery coming up on Monday, an “ABLATION” for the damned old atrial fibrillation, which may take me out of the game for a while. So I headed out. Thirty-five sweet, fall miles by the time I was done, in the amazing Berkshire hills. The fading fall days up here are still achingly beautiful… “eye candy” on the edge of mud season. For me, a heavy dose of aerobic exercise like this is a joy at different levels. First, of course, it feels good…feels good to use your body and get out there. And then there’s the subtle business of showing yourself (and anyone else) that you belong to the tribe that does stuff. That  moves. And not to the pathetic tribe of fat, idle plops (almost everyone my age) who sits around and gets sick and goes to hell. Vanity, man. Vanity sucks me out the door. But pleasure keeps me going. This is the good life and I am square in the middle of it, still. Good!

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