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I get excited and repeat myself, I guess, but I do have to say, again, what a treat it is to be out here in these mountains, skiing your pretty little brains out, in your 70’s. How grateful I am and what fun it is.

And I aint the only one. Yesterday, I saw this old gentleman who looked to be in his 80’s at the top of the hill. I waited for him to head down…see how he was doing. He took off with surprising vigor, I followed him down. Then he speeded up. We went down the hill together – barely; he wasn’t flying but he was MOVING. And, yes, at the bottom i got a good look at him and he was in his 80’s. He hadn’t noticed me, but I did say to him, “Nice run.” He gave me a pleasant look, said, “Yup” and hurried to the gondola..gotta catch another run.

Old boys at play, boy. Nice sight.

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