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Re the new book, have been going to a variety of trainers for a variety of instruction. Perhaps the best to date was a variety of “plyometrics”…which seems to mean: doing some all-body exercises under a tight time limit so it’s both aerobic and strength. Serious business.

It only took a half hour but very intense. E.g., 30 seconds of push ups, 10 second rest; 1 minute of hard rowing. 10 seconds of rest; 30 seconds of deep squats, 10 seconds of rest; 30 seconds of pull downs…etc etc. At the end of the half hour I was a whipped dog. Hard to tell but it felt as if it did a world of good. All the experts I’ ve talked to set a huge store by this kind of stuff. But it may be too hard to “prescribe’ in a general book. Comments?

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