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My beloved, old Orca was smashed to pieces when that #%^^&**! texting or whatever driver smacked into me in July on a clear street in downtown Salisbury Ct. I was back on my pins in a few days, but the bike (which I loved) was totaled. So I went back to the bike shop where I got the last one and they leaned into the replacement (see pic above). It is a custom made, custom painted Orca with snappy, electric shifting (which sounds silly but everyone loves) and all the other hot stuff. It is THE state of the art, I’m told and I cannot wait to get back on it.

In the meantime I have been “reduced” to riding my 13 year old, custom made Serotta, which is not exactly a hardship.

SUCH a joy to be riding all the time (and fairly hard) on lovely bikes like these at my tender age. Nicest of all, as some of you have read: I am not very tender. That pesky car more or less bounced off my glutes (at 35-49 mph) and I’m fine. Younger Next Year, kids! It works. Chris

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