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So sorry to report that my efforts go get Essy (Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn) to participate in a new book fell through. He is a terrific guy and his Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease is a must read book. But he couldn’t, ultimately, bear to share book covers with someone who was not personally going to go his all-plant-based, no olive oil regimen. And I couldn’t quite hack that.

His gift…after his initial studies, which are so important and right…is that he is so passionate and so utterly committed to his way. He has fought like a steer for 25 years to promote his view and he isn’t going to bend. So, working together was going to be a tough slog. But his work will surely “inform” the nutrition part of any new book.

Essy really is “true north” in this business. Trouble is, the best I am going to do (or recommend for most people) is somewhere around True West. Which is to say, lots more plant based eating but not a full ban on fish or olive oil. Not a TOTAL ban even on meat and dairy. Pleasure counts. And exercise has to do its best to make up the difference. What great docs take that view? Let me know.

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