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NYC Bike plus my birthday.


Nice week. Harry and I met at 7 Sunday morning at the bottom of Central Park and spent the day biking 80 miles through the boroughs of New York. It was a bumpy bike ride (on and off the bike… clip in, clip out… perhaps 500 times) but a wonderful experience. Harry is perfect company, for one thing, and we rarely get a stretch oftime like that. Then to see parts of New York where we’d never been (the barrier islands off from JFK airport… Coney Island…the view of Manhattan from the far edges of Brooklyn). We were at it for some nine hours. Heaven.

Then, after a beer to celebrate at a bar near my place, a shower and jump into the car to drive 3 hours to a town on the Jersey shore and meet Jen to discuss a conference/speeches we were doing the next day. Good news: after all that biking/then drive etc, no aches or pains… not wiped out. Message: this stuff WORKS! DO IT!

Wonderful, all day session with small, smart group of execs, then drive up to the Berkshires, which has never been lovelier. Today, rush into New York to catch plane for Phoenix… speak tomorrow. Get home to

New York to get ready for dinner for 16 at our apartment to celebrate on Monday MY 79th BIRTHDAY!! Oh boy!

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  1. Stuart DuBreuil

    I’m a little late seeing this, but congratulations on your bike ride and Happy Birthday to you ! It’s been a few years since I read YNY, but I was discussing it with my 78 year old biking buddy, Bob, today. Turns out he’s read several of your books and you have been an inspiration to the both of us. Bob has also been an inspiration to me and many others. I did a short documentary about Bob as part of a class project (you can see it here:
    http://youtu.be/bt–wMIXlkM ) where I got to know him better and we became riding buddies. He helped get me back into cycling after many years away from it. I am exploring ways we can promote senior health thru exercise, especially cycling , here in the Richmond, VA area. We were picked as the site for the Pro World Championships in 2015, so there is a lot of interest here to make the area more bike friendly, and promote other rides leading up to 2015. One idea is to have a multi-day tour of Virginia, which could also raise funds for charity, that would promote seniors riding bikes for fun and fitness. Would you have any advice, or tips on organizing an event like this? Would you possibly be willing to participate? Bob and I have lived in Virginia for many years now, but we both grew up in New York, he in Brooklyn and myself in Yonkers. Your tour of the NY boroughs sure sounded interesting. Are you doing that next year? Anyway, congratulations again. You continue to inspire us !
    Stuart DuBreuil

  2. Debbie Cordes

    Awesome job, Chris! You are still my all-time personal role model and your book has changed my life for the better! And that Harry guy aint too bad either! 😉

  3. Mary Ann Hegner

    Happy Birthday Chris!! And many many more!

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