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On the train to Philly, early on a July morning… going with deep reluctance to a “convention” of public speakers. I do absolutely zero to promote or publicize my talks, except have a web site. No agent, no support team (except the endlessly amazing Hilary)… no plans and no goals.  It’s working like a charm… some 25 talks a year for what seem to me to be astronomical fees. But the pros all tell me that I could double everything, with a little work and some common sense.

I tend to think, So what. But apart from the lovely money, I am a true believer (0bviously) in this YNY message,  and feel I “owe” it and the movement it has spurred a touch more seriousness. Gotta CONNECT, as I tell everyone else. So here I am on the train to Philly… to a hotel… to a name badge… to a lot of passionate talks about this and that. Old dogs, man… new tricks. We’ll see

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  1. Barb Fonner

    Chris… Hubby and I recent converts …both turned seventy in June. You currently rank as Hero #1! Score one for the old geysers. We are both on board. Terrific books ( read both), love the exercise video, 10. Pounds down for each of us and pretty much thinking you are amazing. Great, great job and spot on way to address the subject of fitness and weight loss. Thanks for carrying the torch. As the T shirt says “Old Guys Rule”. Amazing job. Thanks!
    Barb Fonner

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