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old girls at play

I took a golorious bike ride, early this morning,,,52 miles from Lakeville up some hills and home. In the lovely town of Ancromdale, stopped for coffee…sat with some women who were hiking and met Dona Kahn, age maybe up to 75. She was sitting outside the little store and we were all having coffee and stuff, and she looked 60. She asked what kind of bike I had. A Serotta, i said. I am thinking about a Serotta, she said, although I might just hav new Campy Record put on my old Litespeed. Huh? Here is this old girl, out here in the hills and she has a Litespeed,. And she’s goning to upgrade to Campy Record? Huh.
Turns out she has been biking, hard, since she turned 50, a while ago. Long, serious trips on a varitety of very serious bikes. And, by the way, she is still pracitcing law, full time, in New York….a trial lawyer at that. Some girl. And she looks great. No surprise. Nice going, Dona. You are tough. CC

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