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If you read the home page note, you saw that my daughter Ranie, 50, successfully completed an English Channel swim last night. Now the details are in and it is more impressive. Turns out, there were heavy waves all the way across. Five foot waves, which is harder than she ever swam in before. And it rained all the way, so it never warmed up. She was only able to swim, in the waves, at 2/3 her normal rate… ached to get out, almost all the way. Dark, cold, mouth-fulls of wave at every third stroke… And did not. A California housewife (two kids, part time job… good husband… a bit overweight) doing the job she had set for herself. Doing it pretty well, too. Absolutely amazing, in fact. How I admire her.

Much that we do is hard. The stuff we talk about in YNY and in the THIN book (to come) is hard. But Ranie puts that in a slightly different light. Almost none of us can (or wants to) swim the English Channel. But we can look at “hard” in context. And just DO THINGS. And here’s a nice consequence of what she did… for us to think about: She will be a different person, to herself and others, for the rest of her life. Not so bad. True of other hard changes too. Chris

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