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I’m off to give a talk today in deepest Ohio – Dave Hall’s Life Center in Hudson – so took a rest day. I feel a little guilty because I could have done something if I’d gotten up earlier. And you need the rest the day after the flying. So, I’m bad.

For some reason Ohio is a bit of a hot spot for Younger Next Year. Lots of healthy puppies out there, it seems. Revolutionary fervor breaks out in pockets. Today Hudson!….tomorrow Canton (home of the amazing Lauritzens)! Up the Revolution!!

Here’s an appalling Old Boy story: yesterday I completely forgot I was supposed to appear on the Lannigan and Malone radio show in Cleveland. Nice work, you old fool!

Tip for the pathetic: Every morning, get up and look at your date book first thing. Because you cannot be positive you’ll remember your name that day. Other tips out there? Please help!

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