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I rarely get sick, for some reason, but I got nailed a week ago, on a trip to Ohio to speak at a health club. Just a little chilly on the plane, you know, but didn’t bother to get a coat because the ride was only an hour or so. Then smacked for almost a week. Low temperature, felt lousy, endless, deep cough and so on. During which I had to pull myself together for two talks. So what about exercise?

I followed Harry’s advice, as ever. Stayed in bed, if you please, for most of two days, including one "speach" day. Got up at five in the afternoon, took a bunch of Advil and gave the talk. Then repeated, the next day. Harry said no exercise unless I woke up feeling a lot better. Which I did no day four. So a half hour of the elliptical. The next day, a gentle, short bike ride. The next, back to a normal distance. And so on. Worked fine. Still have the sniffles but am up and about and doing normal bike rides (1 1/2 hours, this time of year). Recovery rate down a bit but not much. But the trick may have been that dayand a half in bed. Wouldn’t have thought of that. Try it.

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