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Starting to Pay Off

Been doing a lot of working out lately, because of the dear old Beta Test… don’t want to be pathetic in front of the group. And here, by heaven, is a nice pay off. Went on a serious 25 mile pop today… an interval day with some serious pops. And here’s the nice one: my recovery rate (beats per minute down in 60 seconds) was a whopping 61! That’s the best I have ever seen. And here I am, biking along at the tender age of 78. Oh boy.


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Chris Crowley


  1. Terrance

    I just finished the book! Great Job you guys. I had a herniated disk and was already strengthening my core 3 days a week to help fix it. Now I exercise 6 days a week and have spring in my step and am feeling even better, I sleep better too!

  2. John (Leverett House 1962)

    Happy Birthday, Chris.

    I’ve been YNYing since 2005. Is there any problem with switching entirely to interval training from the slower aerobics you describe in the book?

  3. Pat Lanziner

    A belated Happy Birthday. I had a glorious 75th this year with All My Children ( caps necessary – don’t see all 3 together very often). YNY is so inspiring! Thank you, Chris.

  4. You look amazing for 78. Inspiring.

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