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This Stuff Works…Come to Aspen

This odd sight is me doing the Bill Fabrocini warm ups at my old family place on an island on Lake Winnepesauke in NH. Been in the family since 1909. Sweet.
But the point this morning is just to say again, This Stuff Really Works.
Current proof: I had minor surgery this morning and they took my blood pressure. It was 110 over 64! That, my loved ones, is the blood pressure of, say, a. 25 year old And it
Means that there is a fair chance that I will not blow out my pipes – or my heart – for a long long time. Yippee Skippee!

Try it yourself. Younger Next Year. Come to the Aspen Retreat on Sept 25. Major fun AND live forever. Chris@youngernextyear.com

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