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Suddenly it’s winter, here in Aspen, at THE SHINING MANSION where I’ve been going nuts over the next book. Been snowing fairly hard for two day and eveyone in town is walking around, grinning. No skiing for a couple of weeks but at least now you can conceive of it.
Hiked up toward Independence Pass yesterday…the road almost crowded with people and dogs, just rejoicing in the snow. This town has it’s limitations – too much dough, too much chic and all that – but in the end it’s just a mountain village where everyone loves to hike, ski and be fit. There are worse places.
Just looked at a lovely little cabin, a quarter of a mile into the woods which we may rent this winter. Two small bed rooms, a dining room just big enough to entertain ten…and the Roaring Fork River – black and fast, under a border of ice and snow – tumbling by, outside. Absolutely magical. Cheap too. I could hack that, while I pick away at that next book. But not in solitary…a full complement of wife and dog this time. Then I’m there.

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