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It is perhaps time to admit that, once again, I have over-motivated myself with a nut-case trip. Months and months ago, I signed up to go to Craftsbury Vermont to a week-long rowing clinic. This scheme, I believe, is mostly designed for young hard-bodies who are all-but-professional crew nuts and single scullers. Embarrassment, shading off into shame, will be my portion for six, hellish days. It will be cold and one must demonstrate that one can tip over one’s single scull and get back in again, unaided. The water temperature will be 58 degrees. I will be marginally overweight. I may be sent home in disgrace on day one. Nasty.

Has anyone else done this foolishness? What was it like? Younger friends and my children assure me it will be lots of fun. I cannot conceive that that will be true. Details to follow.

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