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Only six days of skiing so far (lot of speaking and travelling) but mercy! is it sweet. This is the best snow in 25 years out here!! The streets are covered with snow, including Main Street. And the piles are 12 feet high or higher in places. And on the mountain…oh my! Such a joy. And how utterly worth it all that training and leg pressing etc were. Makes it all possible.
FELL HARD TODAY…at the bottom of the steepest run, Walsh’s on Ajax. Coming off the steep part to the run out, gathered speed, the way you do. Nasty light. Next thing, I am flying through the air, my skis off, behind me…I land way, way hard on my chest. Can’t breathe for a while. Oh boy.
But, as Harry would say, I fell like a forty year old. Felt as if I’d busted ribs but didn’t…gave myself a good shake and skied off.
I HATE HATE HATE to boast, but there are 73 year olds who might have lain there a bit longer. This stuff works!

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