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Spent another evening and morning with Walter, the ex-homocide cop/weight trainer. Lovely fun and a great guy. But I am reminded, one more time, how very important it is to have a trainer from time to time.Walter insists that I do the exercises right…no swinging, not too fast…ya da, ya da, ya da. And he makes me do the ones I hate the most – and need the most. So, once again: get a serius trainer. It makes all the difference. If, like Walter, he also has some charm, so much the better.

Same vein: met a lawyer today, age 61…looks late 40’s… and he’s a scratch golfer. That is, his handicap is zero…not so common. And, unlike so many of my golfing pals, he understands that golf is not a substitute for serious aerobic and weight training. He is serious about training, too. Probably part of why he’s such a hell of a golfer.

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