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Just before we left for Paris (we’re here now), I gave talk to the World President’s Organization Chapter in Malibu and met John Baudhuin,  the neat, young (ok, 51-ish)  guy who actually invented the SPIN BIKE. Think about it: not too long ago, some actual guy saw the need and sat down – with a bunch of tools and pipes and stuff – and invented the spin bike that has changed my life and a huge number of others ever since. And guess what: I had supper with him… and did a spin with him…  and gave a talk to him and his pals at their recent session (co–sponsored by another terrific guy, Robert Vince, who looks like a breezy surfer dude but actually makes movies… lots of them). Does that make me a cool guy or what? Of course it does. Please!

Before my talk, John had brought down a bunch of his Spin Bikes (he has manufactured over a million of ’em) and one of his hot instructors (his Spin Bike company is deep into sport-education these days) and put on a very cool spin session. (Surprise, their instructors really know what they’re talking about). John and I have some soft plans to put on some big spin-sessions-cum-YoungerNextYear seminars down the road. We’ll see. Make a pretty nice event. But again,.. it’s hard for me to grasp that some actual guy just sat down and invented the gadget that has transformed aerobic exercise for so many.  America, man… nice place.


Actually, just found a pretty good spin place here in Paris. New concept over here, but this joint wasn’t bad. Clean, decent bikes… good (American) leader. It’s harder to find places to exercise in France than in the States, but this place was fine. The music was a little weird, by our standards, but fun. Nice people… hope it catches on. In my modest view, spin class is the single best thing you can do for yourself, aerobically, short of walking out of the house and jumping on a real bike. Which isn’t always so easy. Chris


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