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I am up to my eyeballs in very sophisticated trainers these days and I can’t tell you what fun – and how instructive – it is. No one, really, can afford trainers all the time these days. And I wouldn’t be with them if I were not working on a book. But it sure would be neat. I have been at all this stuff for a long time but there are still some revealations with a trainer.

For example, you just DO more. I am working now with the great BJ Willimas in Aspen…a super trainer and healer. Here’s the short benefit: I do MORE of everything…do it MORE OFTEN…and do MORE OF THE HARD STUFF I HATE. That is, I work the muscles that are weak, not the ones that are already strong. SUCH a help. And I feel much better. Hell, I even look a teeny bit better…a wild boast at my tender age.

Ditto with the wonderful Jean Robert Barbette, with whom I am doing aerobics. Do more, do better…worry far more about INTERVALS than I am capable of doing on my own.

Most of us can only dip into a trainer once in a while. But it is a GREAT IDEA. Do it routinely…to refresh, and remind and inspire yourself.

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