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What To Eat

Just back from important talk at Merrill Lynch office in Princeton, which turns out to be just north of Atlanta. Not an amusing drive.

But super talk and v v pleased with the self. Finally back to NYC, park rental car on 43 and Lex and start to think of self-congratulatory lunch someplace.
Good news: not that far from The Palm, an old fashioned watering hole for news people with superb old-fashioned food, bad waiters and shocking prices. Excellent. The bad news: original Palm closed forever last year. Broke my heart. But Palm Too – where I’ve never been – said to be good. Fine. I go
Rumors true …looks same, same menu and same rotten waiters. Perfect

Now what? In old days would have three pound lobster fries and chopped salad. Possible martini or two. And a dark beer. Not that kind of girl anymore. Instead order superb shrimp cocktail and steamed (not sautéed) spinach and dig in. See pic. It is heaven and more than enough, which is weird. I walk home, giddy with self esteem. Start to consider consequences of living forever, which looks more and more likely. Chris

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