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Younger Next Year
Weekend Retreats

slideshow-summer-locketmeadowThe Aspen Club and Younger Next Year are excited to announce Younger Next Year Weekend Mini Retreats. If you have been unable to take a full week to immerse yourself in the YNY lifestyle in Aspen, this is a great place to start.



Presented by: The Aspen Club & Younger Next Year Team
Where: Lakeville, Connecticut
Details: You will learn the fundamentals of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle with Chris Crowley, co-author of Younger Next Year, and the amazing Aspen Club Professionals, including Bill Fabrocini, Dirk Schultz, and Jeremy James.
This team has revolutionized aging and exercise. Remember, the path to getting younger starts with a single step. Let the Aspen Club take you through a life changing weekend based on Younger Next Year principles, teachings, and programs.
Cost: $1500

Upcoming Retreats:

Sign up HERE

March 11th-13th 2016 In San Diego, California




April 15th-17th 2016 In Charleston, South Carolina




April 29th-May 1st In Phoenix, Arizona






What to Expect:

  • Dinner on Friday evening, Meet the Speakers and Author Chris Crowley
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday/Sunday
  • Lectures with Aspen Club Professionals & Chris Crowley
  • Private lectures and workshops by Chris Crowley and the Key Opinion Leaders at The Aspen Club, including Bill Fabrocini, PT, OCS, Dr. Jeremy James DC, CSCS, Ed Harrold and Dirk Schultz Personal Trainer, just to name a few. Private lectures include: Aerobic conditioning, nutrition, mindfulness, proper movement patterns, and more
  • Exercise sessions including: The Younger Next Year and Thinner This Year Preparation for Movement and the 25 Sacred Exercises, Aerobic workout
  • Game Plan: How to implement the YNY program into your life


  1. Bob Whitaker

    is it too late to sign up for Ariz?

    • administrator

      No in that we have postponed this event. Not sure to when. So contact Kate Lokken at the Aspen Club. There’s a link somewhere and she’ll let you know.

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