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 Lourdes from Quito, Ecuador, South America
Topic: when I was 51 years old I said to myself: time to relax and become an… old person?!!!
Dear Chris: year after year I’ve got into a collection of kedges which were the 5 Major Marathons: Chicago, Boston, NYC, Berlin and Boston. After I finished them and got the certificate I said: what’s next?
Years before I had seen an ultra trail race’s announcement called El Cruce Columbia 100k. It goes from Chile to Argentina.
A friend of mine motivated me to run a 21k Norh Star in the mountains of Ecuador, my country. So I did it and won in my age group.
Then I remembered about El Cruce Columbia 100k and decided that it was going to be my next goal, or kedge.
I finished first in my age group in that race this last February.
After that I said: ok I am 51 years old, better if I start to rest and relax a bit.
Two months later, with 4 new pounds in my waist from the relaxing pause I took, a friend of mine told me about your book. I bought it through Amazon.com and here I am… taking out the kedge from the water and with many goals in my mind and heart and soul. With lots of energy, running more than ever and biking, weight lifting, hiking, dancing, doing Pilates, swimming and looking for a way to do some rowing. And lots of love, really.
Nowadays lifetime goal: Run Ecuador. I started my own business which I put you in your consideration for anyone who wants to visit some exotic country and keep on running and getting fit.
What I can say is that a kedge is not just for set a fitness goal, but an adventure for life.
Thanks to your book I really waked up! Thanks for writing it so well !
Lots of love,
Lourdes Hernandez

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  1. Dear Chris and Hilary, thanks for posting my letter. I hope many more people can wake up after learning how important it is to: exercise daily, eat properly, connect and LIVE!! Best wishes, Lourdes

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