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Summer is no time for making drastic resolutions and whatnot… but here’s a simple,pleasant way to TAKE ADVANTAGE of a summer “natural” to begin to stop being dumb about something that’s, you know… killing you.

The single dumbest thing we all do is NOT EAT ANYWHERE NEAR ENOUGH FRUIT ANDVEG.  Boring, I know, but it’s killing us.  Just last week, a new Tufts newsletter says they are the key to getting antioxidants which are key to avoiding strokes.

And on and on.

So here’s the modest suggestion: Fresh fruit and veg are everywhere in August.  They taste radically better than the junk we eat in the winter.  SO… while it ‘s painless, double downon (great) fruit and veg. Have one of even two All-veg and fruit days a week for the rest ofAugust when it’s a treat, not a beating. Tis the season to … EAT LIKE A RATIONAL HUMAN BEING.  Try it… you may get to like it.


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  1. Michael Laine

    I was riding a bus to begin a 70 mile bike ride which I had never done before, when a fellow next to me suggested I get your book. It was quite a coincidence when I read the book that by accident I had started doing what you recommended in the book. I had just spent a year losing 70 pounds by joining a fitness center. The reason I did this was to get back in shape for the ski season. I had started skiing again when I had turned 50 but I was overweight and did not do well. I am 60 now so i made up my mind to do better. Anyway I joined a group of older guys 60 to 70 year Olds and went to Vail and skied better than I did when i Was 30. Anyway I have a whole new outlook on life and after reading the book I am going to hire a ttrainer to help me with weight training. The book is my new manual for living.

    • administrator

      Love hearing this. Thanks for sending us this note. Great going, Chris

      • I loved reading your book Younger Next Year for Woman. I’ve recommended it to many people as well. I have a question for you and all your younger next year bloggers. Have any of you been to the destination spa, Canyon Ranch Tucson? I happen to work at Canyon Ranch both as a fitness instructor and in membership and real estate. It’s a perfect place for a kedge! I hope to see some of you here…be sure to looke me up, Kay Quatraro

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