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A Nice Success Story

I am off on a crisp December morning to mail a Christmas-gift copy of THINNER THIS YEAR to a terrific guy in sunny New Orleans named Sammy Cemo. Sammy most assuredly deserves it.

His daughter Kristi told me that he read Younger a while ago and, sure enough, it changed his life. He lost 40 pounds, changed his way of living in profound ways and was grateful. So grateful, in fact, that he bought 200 COPIES OF YOUNGER and gave them out to friends and colleagues. Like a lot of fans, he regularly re-reads Younger to refresh his commitment. Now he has new grist for his mill. By the way, for those of you who want to get 20 or more copies of THINNER (or Younger) for gifts, do contact Jennie Mandel at Workman; they have a great deal for the true fans. Her email: Jenny@Workman.com.

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  1. Tony Russo

    Chris and Harry, my 70 yr. old sister-in-law who bikes in 100 mile treks gave me your book for Christmas. It really hit home. I am 59 and in “pretty good health” like Chris was at the beginning of the book. But like Chris, I decided I want to live a full life until they turn the lights out. So, I bought the heart monitor, I am doing aerobic exercise 4-5 days per week, and strength training 2 days per week (which I hate by the way). I strongly recommend MyFitnessPal app for logging diet and exercise–easy and accurate. Since Christmas I have lost 6 lbs. and I ran a 5k yesterday with my teenage daughters. Thanks for convincing me that life can get better with age!

  2. Jack East

    Hi Chris: I belong to an online rowing club, The Ancient Mariners. You have to be 60 to join. I am 75 and about in the middle. There are only 50 of us, but we have members from 8 countries. They kept talking about “Younger Next Year”, so I got the book. I am enjoying every minute of it. “Workout hard and stop eating crap” I am going to put that on my screen saver. I agree with everything you say in the book. Keep up the good work.
    Jack East
    Strongsville, Ohio

  3. Chris, I have to tell you my story. I am a family doc in a small town in western Maine. I was forced to read Younger Next Year by a patient. I am only 48 but he nagged me everywhere I went. Retaurants, grocery stores etc. I finally read it and it changed my outlook for the next ‘Half’. For the last six months I have been studying karate and exercising daily. I feel great. I have recommended the book to no less than 5 patients a day for the last 6 months. The best success story is a 72 year old diabetic hypertensive who was able to get off all rx. This last week of vacation, his grandson was up from Massachusetts. My patient asked him if he wanted to go to the gym with him. His grandson asked if they had an ‘old fart’ gym. Needless to say, grandpa out lifted him and that’s all the grandson is talking about. My daughter is 13 and I am hoping for the day she or her kids, some day, say “I can’t believe grandpa can do this!”
    Kevin Finley DO

    • Chris Crowley

      Dear Kevin
      What a terrific note. Thanks so very much… and warmest congratulations. And thanks to your nagging patient too… hope you will pass them on. That “old fool in the gym” stuff is one of the joys of my life, believe me. I loiter near the leg press machine in hopes of sandbagging some young hardbody. (If they’re really strong, I just drift away). Keep it up. Like, forever Chris

  4. What an inspiring story! I love hearing about people like Sammy who have found so much success and happiness. It must be so rewarding to help people like that!

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